Wonder Woman Vol 4-5 Cover-1
Series Wonder Woman v4
Issue # 5
Cover Date March 2012
Release Date January 18, 2012
Previous Issue Wonder Woman #4
Next Issue Wonder Woman #6


In London on the Thames River, a pair of men on a boat are surprised when they see what they think is a dead horse floating in the water beside them. Upon closer inspection, though, they are disturbed to see that while its upper body is horse-like, it has the tail of a fish.

Elsewhere, at a restaurant, Wonder Woman decides against confronting Hera because her companions Zola (who is pregnant) and Hermes (who is injured) are in no condition to be left unprotected. Hermes suggests that if Hera comes for her, Zola staying close to Wonder Woman may leave them just as vulnerable.

They are interrupted by a rough and surly looking Englishman who seems to know more about each of them than he should, particularly that Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus. He jokes about the irony of Wonder Woman learning that her father is Zeus on the same day that she finds out that he has apparently died. He introduces himself as Lennox, and warns that Zeus' brothers are looking to take his place. As it turns out, Lennox is himself the illegitimate child of Zeus, and is in fact Diana's older brother.

Later, Lennox and Hermes split off from Zola and Wonder Woman, meeting at the entrance to one of London's sewer outlets. Diana and Zola have been told to wait until six o'clock for something important to happen. As the sixth chime rings, Zola notices the heads of the sea's horses rising up above the surface of the Thames. Diana reveals her armour and leaps down into the water. She turns to the horses and requests an audience with Poseidon.

The god of the sea appears before her, a massive creature resembling a furry, tentacled frog. Poseidon senses Zeus' blood in Diana and warns her that her heritage has no meaning with Zeus' death, and demands that she step aside. Meanwhile, Lennox heads deeper into the sewers until suddenly, from behind a cascade of water comes Cerberus, the three headed guard dog of Hell. Before it can attack him, a voice calls for the dog to stand down. It is Hades, god of the underworld.

Acknowledging Poseidon's claim to the heavens, Diana warns that Hera has already claimed them as her own. Poseidon is angered, lifting her up by the neck as citizens watch in horror from the bridge. Meanwhile Hera watches all, outraged that Diana has dragged her into the dispute.



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