Wonder Woman Vol 4-3 Cover-1
Series Wonder Woman v4
Issue # 3
Cover Date January 2012
Release Date November 16, 2011
Previous Issue Wonder Woman #2
Next Issue Wonder Woman #4


On the beaches of Paradise Island, the Amazons watch as great funeral pyres burn for all those of their sisters who were killed when Strife deceived them into killing each other. Elsewhere, Queen Hippolyta knows that she is partially to blame for the violence, and regrets her complicity.

Earlier that day, Diana asked Strife what she meant when she called her 'sister.' Strife hinted that Hippolyta should be more forthcoming, and in response the Queen reluctantly decided to reveal the truth to her daughter.

In the past, Hippolyta had encountered Zeus and battled him across the earth. However, their duelling was more a dance than a fight, and it ended with their embrace. They made love; the kind that only two powerful warriors can have. From that affair was conceived a child: Diana. In order to protect the child from Hera's wrath, the Amazons concocted a story about Diana having been formed from clay. Upon hearing this tale, Diana felt betrayed, and trudged off into the forest to vent some anger.

Later on that night, the other Amazons had grown resentful of Diana's return, claiming her responsible for Strife's appearance and the consequent murder of all of their friends. Aleka stood up during the funeral ceremony and rallied her companions together against Diana, claiming that Paradise has been ruined.

Aleka led the Amazons to Diana, but before she could finish condemning the princess, Diana punched her in the face, grabbing the torch from her hand and setting alight the pyres waiting.

Diana announced that the only shame on the island is her own, and that she would take it from them by leaving the island, never to return. She would no longer be Diana, nor Clay. She would be only Wonder Woman.



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