"Expatriate, Part 1: That Wears the Crown"
Series Wonder Woman
Issue # 18
Cover Date May 2008
Previous Issue Wonder Woman #17
Next Issue Wonder Woman #19


Wonder Woman visits Tom Tressor/Nemesis in the hospital after the whole incident involving the poison. She gives him a nectarine pit and a ribbon with thorns on it. She then is bombarded by many fans when one of the ladies that run the front desk pulls out her out and Diana makes her way outside. And spots an invasion. The Khunds invade and he calls out a scroll which declares their invasion. She asks if this is an invasion against her country or her planet, and the Khund reading out the scroll says it's just against her. Wonder Woman then fights them, and defeats them by grabbing one of their guns off the tank, and shooting down the invasion ship. The Khund then tells his army to stop, and Diana then asks why they wanted to kill her. The Khund explains that it is a tribute, to honor her.

The last warrior she was holding up admits to Wonder Woman that she is her biggest fan. The Khund introduces her as his daughter, called Kho. The Khund, who has the daughter named Kho introduces himself as Karhi. They take her to their home planet and Karhi explains that the Ichor is killing their civilisation and they cannot stop it. Wonder Woman asks why they have chosen her, then Etta comes out.

Diana and Etta then go to investigate the Ichor and find themselves standing in green goo. Diana tells Etta that "Ichor" is the name of a god, and it worries her that this name has anything to do with the attacking of the Khunds. The both of them find a ship, when Diana goes to investigate herself. She gets punched by a Green Lantern, who tells them that he is protecting the Khunds!



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