"The Conquest Begins"
Series Wonder Woman v2
Issue # 90
Cover Date September 1994
Previous Issue Wonder Woman v2 #89
Next Issue Wonder Woman v2 #91


The issue opens with Wonder Woman returning to Themyscira. She is standing on the beach when all of a sudden she is shot at with an arrow, she reflects the arrow with her Bracelets of the Aegis (she deducts that the arrow is an amazonian craftsmanship). Helen and Mala run up to see her soon after and inform her that they have been at war. Princess Diana is able to see the destruction caused by the Daemons.

Once at the Royal Palace she is able to talk to her mother about the war and everything that has been occurring while she was gone. Her mother explains to her that the war was lead by Amazonians led by her sister. As her mother keeps telling her the story Wonder Woman is shocked all this could have occurred in only a few months while she was gone. But her mother then informs her that she has been gone for TEN YEARS. This leads to a discussion how she feels Diana is not qualified to be Wonder Woman anymore because of her lack of Amazonian morals and values (her mother says Earth has changed her).

Later on, while on a walk with Mala, Diana and her are shot at by another arrow. This time they know that the arrow is coming from Artemis (another Amazonian, who lives in the outcast of the island with another tribe). Artemis and Diana begin to challenge one another to see who is a better archer. When Helen runs up and tells Diana, that her mother and the council have called on another contest to select a NEW Wonder Woman.



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