"A Fire In The Sky!"
Series Wonder Woman v2
Issue # 2
Cover Date March 1987
Previous Issue Wonder Woman v2 #1
Next Issue Wonder Woman v2 #3


Col. Steve Trevor has been summoned to the office of General Kohler. Kohler has long hated Trevor for his pacifist views. He sends Steve off on a mission intended to kill him and destroy the Amazons in the service of Ares, God of War.

A terrible storm racks Themyscira as Diana prepares to depart on her mission. The god Hephaestus forges a golden lasso from the girdle of Gaia and this is given to Diana. Hermes arrives to take Diana on her quest.

Hermes takes Diana to the Areopagus, the home of Ares, to seek Harmonia and win from her the amulet. She speaks to Harmonia and Harmonia gives her what she seeks. Hermes rushes her back home.

Ares power consumes Trevor's co-pilot, and turned to an undead creature, he attacks. He tries to kill Steve and drop a bomb on the island below. Diana uses her lasso to toss the bomb away, where it explodes violently, but harmlessly, away from the island. Steve's plane crashes into the sea, but Diana rescues him.

The Amazons treat the wounded and unconscious Trevor. Athena appears and sends Diana into man's world, Hermes guiding her way.

Questions about Kohler's death start to center on Steve's mission and whether he had anything to do with it. These scenes are observed by Ares sons, Phobos and Deimos.

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