"God Complex: Part Two"
Series Wonder Woman v2
Issue # 163
Cover Date December 2000
Previous Issue Wonder Woman v2 #162
Next Issue Wonder Woman v2 #164


Captured, Black Manta admits to killing the Wonder Scouts, confessing that he struck a deal with a demon who promised to make him human again as a reward. Wonder Woman and Aquaman set out to find the demon but are captured by him instead. They are shocked to discover that he is really Triton, son of Poseidon, not dead as once believed but stripped of his godhood as punishment for trying to overthrow his father. He reveals that the slaughter of Diana's surrogates was a ploy to lure the Amazon and the Atlantean to him so that he could enact revenge on each for past transgressions. Angered, Wonder Woman slays Triton by snapping his neck.

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