"Man-Hating Madness"
Series Wonder Woman
Issue # 4
Cover Date April 1943
Previous Issue Wonder Woman #3
Next Issue Wonder Woman #5


"Man-Hating Madness"

Wonder Woman assists Baroness Paula Von Gunther in performing three tasks on behalf of the Goddess Aphrodite. They firstly prevent a Japanese plan to incite war between the sexes in America.

"Mole Men of the Underworld"

Wonder Woman and Baroness Paula Von Gunther battle Blakfu, king of the Mole Men.

"The Rubber Barons"

Next Wonder Woman and Baroness Paula Von Gunther help reform rubber magnate Ivar Torson and his syndicate, who have been conspiring to conceal their secret rubber extraction solution from the U.S. government despite the fact that it is desperately needed to prosecute the war effort.

"The Treachery of Mavis"

Finally Wonder Woman rescues Paula's daughter, Gerta Von Gunther, from Mavis who is a former slave girl of the Baroness and seeks revenge. The Amazon Princess hands the captured Mavis over to Mala on Transformation Island for rehabilitation.



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