"The Origin of Wonder Woman"
Series Wonder Woman
Issue # 1
Cover Date June 1942
Next Issue Wonder Woman #2


"The Origin of Wonder Woman"

Ares is again on the warpath. To counter him, Aphrodite brings forth an army of women, called Amazons. To their leader, Hippolyte, she gives a magic girdle of invincibility. The girdle proves effective against even Hercules, Ares' agent. Though he attempts to steal the girdle through guile, Hippolyte outwits the strongman, defeats Ares, and takes her Amazons to settle in peace at a place called "Paradise Island". Time passes.

Hippolyte, now styled, "Queen of the Amazons" desires a family. Having been burned badly by Ares and his world of men, she chooses to procreate through non traditional means. Sculpting a figure from clay, she animates it with life and calls her creation, "Diana, Princess of the Amazons".

For an indeterminate, but presumably long, period of time, Hippolyte and her daughter live in the peace Aphrodite intended for them. Then, one day, a man crashes his plane into the island. The man is discovered to be Steve Trevor, a member of the United States Army.

Needing to rid her island of the threat of man, Hippolyte holds a competition to decide which of her Amazon warriors will once again don the magic girdle and return Trevor to the world of men. Diana, knowing nothing of the war with Ares, has fallen in love with Trevor and is therefore eager to be the one to explore Steve's world.

Her mother, though, expressly forbids it. Diana disguises herself, enters the competition, and, with seeming ease, wins the right to accompany Steve home. Knowing that departure from the island means sacrificing the immortality of paradise, Hippolyta tearfully hands over the girdle, a magic lasso that can compel those in its circle to tell the truth, and the rest of the traditional Wonder Woman outfit, to her daughter.

Diana departs in an invisible plane for Washington.

"Wonder Woman Goes to the Circus"

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor visit the King Circus. They find that the circus elephants are being poisoned. Steve suspects some racketeers who have been threatening the show. While Steve follows them, Wonder Woman discovers some Burmese men, that are acting as the animal keepers are responsible. She exposes the leader as a Japanese spy and helps the circus raise money for the war effort.

"Wonder Woman Versus the Prison Spy Ring"

Steve Trevor and Diana Prince visit the prison to question Paula Von Gunther about Axis spies. The warden’s son Freddy finds Wonder Woman’s magic lasso in Diana’s suitcase and takes it. Later, Von Gunther sees the boy playing with the lasso and has a guard take it. She then uses the lasso to extract information from soldiers.

When the prison guard is killed, Wonder Woman is suspected. She allows herself to be thrown in prison to expose Von Gunther’s spy ring run from the prison. Freddy helps Wonder Woman get her lasso back and stop Von Gunther.

"The Greatest Feat of Daring in Human History"

Etta Candy visits her brother Mint in Texas who was recently attacked by spies. While on their ranch with Diana Prince, Etta and Mint discover Pepita Valdez trapped in a mine. Mint rescues her, but she is a spy and coerces information from him.

Wonder Woman and Etta pursue Pepita and her partner Pancho, while Steve Trevor learns of a Japanese base in Mexico. Wonder Woman finds Pepita and learns that she is aiding the Japanese to save her father. The Amazon helps her, then she forces the Japanese base commander to surrender.


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