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Wonder Woman Earth 2 DCnU-2
Wonder Woman
Real name Diana Trevor (née Prince)
Debut All-Star Comics #8 (December 1941)
Created by William Moulton Marston, Harry G. Peter
Affiliations Wonders of the World, Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadron
Abilities speed, strength, agility, glide on wind currents
Played by Lynda Carter


Princess Diana of Paradise Island — the Wonder Woman of Earth-Two—served as a member of the All-Star Squadron and soon after became secretary (later full-fledged member) of the Justice Society of America. As Diana Prince, she worked in the U.S. War Department as an assistant to intelligence officer Steve Trevor. Decades later, she and Trevor were married and had a daughter named Lyta (also known as Fury). Although Diana was retconned out of existence by the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths and All-Star Squadron #60, she was later restored into present continuity.

Early history

Diana, Princess of the Amazons of Earth-Two was born on the mystical Paradise Island several hundred years before she became known to the outside as Wonder Woman. Isolated from the cruelty and corruption of men and their ways, the Amazons lived in peace and advancement openly working with and obeying the will of the Olympian gods. Longing for a child of her own, Hippolyta the Queen of the Amazons, begged for the gods to grant her request and turn her perfect clay statue into a real girl. Sympathetic to Hippolyta's request, the gods relented and animated the statue with true life and the girl immediately leaped off the pedestal and into her mother's arms. She named it after Diana, goddess of the Moon, who became her godmother.

Pleased with the child, Hippolyta began to raise her daughter as an Amazon with all the station and privilege of her mother's royalty. Diana would age slowly and stop aging altogether upon reaching her adulthood as with all of the Amazons. Diana would continue to excel surpassing most of her Amazon sisters in her skills and intelligence, she could run faster than a deer at the age of five, and uproot a tree easily at the age of three.

Wonder Woman Earth-Two 01

Diana would continue to perform as a contented Amazon until the fated day when Captain Steve Trevor crash landed on Paradise Island. Never having seen a true man before Diana was immediately attracted to the handsome man despite his extensive injuries. Violating the Island rules about taking in outsiders, Diana took the unconscious Trevor back to the Amazons in an attempt to save his life. Pleading with her mother to save the man, Hippolyte relented and used the life healing Purple Ray on Trevor saving his life by bringing him back from death.

Discovering the outside world was engaged in full world wide war, Diana wanted to participate and help stop the war. Hippolyta refused stating that she and the others should not get involved in the ways of the outsiders. But when the goddesses Aphrodite and Athena appeared to Hippolyta and declared that it was time for an Amazon to travel to "Man's World" and fight the evil of the Nazis as Ares felt he ruled the world, which was all at war, and Aphrodite wanted to help America win, claiming it was the 'last citadel of democracy' (this is actually inaccurate, as the UK was still free). A tournament was held to determine who would be the Amazon champion. Although forbidden by Hippolyta to participate in the tournament, Princess Diana did so nevertheless, concealing her identity with a mask. Upon winning all the rounds Diana revealed her identity to her heartbroken mother who feared that she would never see her daughter again.

After winning the tournament and revealing her true identity, Queen Hippolyta relented and allowed her daughter to wear the costume of Wonder Woman and travel to the outside world. Diana returned Steve Trevor to the United States and adopted the identity of a Navy nurse named Diana Prince so she could be close to Trevor as he recovered from his injuries. She assisted him against a Japanese agent.

Now, Princess Diana began to operate as Wonder Woman publicly and as a glasses wearing Diana Prince, forged papers allowed her to become the recently promoted Major Trevor's and Col. Darnell's confidential assistant. Later the real Diana Prince returned and tried to take Diana's role as her inventor husband was having financial trouble selling his new weapon to the army. Wonder Woman saves Diana when she is kidnapped by a Japanese agent who tries to get the weapon, and after her husband's weapon is shown to work Diana Prince starts using her married name, leaving Wonder Woman to remain in her identity.

She would continue in this position fighting crime alongside the Justice Society of America (on Earth-Two) as their first female member though she would be regulated to subservient duties performing as an actual secretary for the Justice Society despite her beyond human strength and abilities, as the JSA had somehow discovered her identity, which Hawkman revealed to her. She was shown taking dictation and typing the teams minutes as costumed Wonder Woman. Diana would rejoin the team when it reformed as the All-Star Squadron and expanded.

Diana would continue to perform as an open crime fighter after World War Two and resisted being recalled home to Paradise Island after the war, preferring to give up her immortality than leave her life of independence and personal identity.


During the 1950s, Diana was able to continue operating as a super powered crime fighter as she had admitted to having no secret identity and stated herself to be a legendary Amazon, unlike many of the other masked heroes who were forced to either reveal their secret private identity or stop operating by the Federal government's committee on un-American Activities. This of course was not truly accurate on Diana's part as she continued to use her alias of Diana Prince.

It was during the 1950s that Diana began to explore fully her romantic interests in her long-time crime fighting partner, Col. Steve Trevor. After a period of courtship, Diana revealed herself as Wonder Woman to Trevor. Initially taken aback by the revelation, Trevor and Diana married. Diana would later retire from active duty of the US Navy and decide to become a housewife where she would raise their daughter, Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor, named after Diana's mother.

Later adventures

Diana would continue to remain active as crime fighter, even rejoining the reformed Justice Society of America in the 1960s, as she was one of the JSA members placed in suspended animation by the Immortal JSA villain Vandal Savage, and freed by Barry Allen. She mostly preferred to spend her time raising her daughter as a stay at home mother. It would be during this time that the Earth-Two Diana met her younger Earth-One counterpart. Later she was called upon by the God Mercury along with other heroes of Earth-2, Earth-1, and Earth-S, as the Beastman King Kull wanted to wipe out humanity on all three Earths after capturing the Elders who empowered the Marvel Family. She helps stop Queen Clea, one of his henchman, from taking over the Earth-Two Atlantis in a story involving the Squadron of Justice. The two Wonder Womans would become good friends occasionally inviting the younger Amazon to Earth-Two to enjoy a home cooked meal that the retired General Trevor would usually cook and the two ladies would trade good humored jokes such as the Earth-One Wonder Woman teasingly commenting that she would take the handsome skilled elder Trevor back to teach her own version how to act, which the elder Wonder Woman would threaten as a cause for a true World War to be fought over, indicating her own decades-long past, as stated over dinner between the Earth-Two and Earth-One Wonder Women.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Wonder Woman Earth-Two

Diana would continue in her role as an elder stateswoman among the superhero community until the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" came to Earth-Two and erased all of its existence from reality. Diana fought well and was protected from erasure at the end of the Crisis by ascending to Mount Olympus along with her husband as both were erased and forgotten by the history of new Primary Earth, other than by their daughter who was reformatted into the new universe to be the daughter of Helena Kosmatos (Fury of World War II).

Infinite Crisis

When the new or "Post-Crisis" Wonder Woman is breaking up a riot in Boston, she is interrupted by a woman she initially believes is her mother Queen Hippolyta. This is because Hippolyta had become the Golden Age Wonder Woman via time travel in her continuity. However, the intruder identifies herself as the Earth-Two Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, who has voluntarily left Mount Olympus in order to provide Diana with vital information and guidance. She advises her Post-Crisis counterpart to be "the one thing you haven't been for a very long time... human." She also strongly urges Diana to intervene in a fight taking place at that moment between the Modern Age Superman and his counterpart, Kal-L. Having left Mount Olympus, and with her gods' blessings gone, Diana Prince then fades away.


Wonder Woman Earth-2 design

DCnU design.

Following the 2011 reboot of the DC Comics universe, Wonder Woman believes herself to be the last Amazon of Amazonia and is much more violent and bitter as a result. She is killed by Steppenwolf in the battle for Earth against Apokolips when trying to buy time for Bruce Wayne. Unbeknownst to her, she was survived by her daughter, Fury, who had been taken and trained by Steppenwolf.

Powers and Abilities

The Earth-Two Wonder Woman had superhuman speed, strength, agility and accuracy. Her superhuman speed and agility were as fast as the god Mercury but usually less than the pre-Crisis Earth-Two Flash (Jay Garrick) as shown during her battle with Garrick when she was possessed by the Stream of Ruthlessness. She was able to leap 40 ft, a record for the Amazons.

Originally she was immortal. But in order to remain in "man's world" after her mission was deemed over by her mother, she had to give up her immortality to remain in her chosen area and began to age as a normal human.

She also had the ability to glide on the wind currents. She needed air currents in order to do this feat and had to be at a much higher locale than that of the locale she wished to travel to by such gliding. She could NOT jump up into the open air high enough to launch herself in this gliding ability, unlike Kal-L who could attain flight from a standing position[citation needed]. She rarely used this gliding ability, preferring to mostly depend on her advanced invisible plane to travel long distances at extensive speeds.

Attributed to be imbued with the strength of Hercules, the Earth-Two Wonder Woman had superhuman strength levels where she was seen ripping locked steel doors off their bolts and lifting elephants off the ground with ease. While she was extensively strong, she was routinely shown to be far less than that of the pre-Crisis Earth-Two Superman Kal-L. She was more resistant then a human, an electric charge that could have killed a normal human only knocked her out. Diana frequently demonstrated knowledge of every terrestrial language, as well as advanced scientific knowledge. She was once shown hypnotizing Etta Candy's brother, Mint, although her Magic Lasso (unlike the Modern version) allowed her complete mind control over others, once she evn hypnotized someone into taking another identity. Her Amazon training gave her extensive hand-to-hand combat skills, particularly when it came to wrestling and binding opponents. She was also able to telepathically communicate with the Holiday Girls using a mental radio, which could also be used by Etta Candy, and had knowledge of psychology that could heal minds. She also had magnetic hearing due to her earrings, which were given to her by the Venusian fairy Queen Desira for stopping the Metor Men attacking her planet, and allow her to contact her.

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