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WW2017 soundtrack score cover
Wonder Woman Soundtrack
Written by Rupert Gregson-Williams
Songs from Wonder Woman
Released June 2, 2017 (CD, digital)
August 11, 2017 (vinyl)
Length 1hr18min
Format digital, CD, vinyl[1]
Label WaterTower Music
Wonder Woman 2017 vinyl

The soundtrack for the 2017 animated film Wonder Woman features the film score composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams. Additional music for the film was provided by Tom Howe[2] and Paul Mounsey,[3] and uses themes from Batman v Superman ("Is She With You?") by Hans Zimmer. Tina Guo features as a cellist on the score, performing Gregson-Williams' take on the Wonder Woman theme.[4]

Track list

  1. Amazons of Themyscira
  2. History Lesson
  3. Angel on the Wing
  4. Ludendorff, Enough!
  5. Pain, Loss & Love
  6. No Man's Land
  7. Fausta
  8. Wonder Woman's Wrath
  9. The God of War
  10. We Are All to Blame
  11. Hell Hath No Fury
  12. Lightning Strikes
  13. Trafalgar Celebration
  14. Action Reaction
  15. To Be Human – Sia (feat. Labrinth)


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