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General Information
Real name: TBA
First Appearance: The New Titans Annual #6
Created by: Marv Wolfman
Affiliations: Villany Inc.
Society of Sin
Brotehood of Evil
Abilities: Time manipulation
Portrayed by: None


Trinity is the woman with three faces - Time, War and Chaos. Each possess their own power.

The Society o Sin inducted a new mysterious member known as Trinity, a woman with three faces which are Time, War, and Chaos, each of which possesses its own power. Virtually nothing was known about her background or her reasons for joining the Society of Sin.

Later, Trinity was inducted as a member of Villainy Inc, a group of criminals gathered by the Atlantean Queen Clea. Clea stole the Trident of Poseidon and used it to tear a dimensional hole into the world of Skartaris. There, Clea and her new Villainy Inc. gathered because of their unique powers and were able to use those special abilities to vanquish Travis Morgan (AKA Warlord) and his sorceress daughter Jennifer, and seize control of the ancient city of Shamballah. Wonder Woman followed Villainy Inc. to Skartaris with the hope of leading its people against Villainy Inc. and liberating them from Clea's tyranny.

But Trinity had a sinister agenda of her own. Revealed to be a living computer virus created by the Atlanteans a millennia ago, Trinity had downloaded itself into the master computer controlling all of Skartaris, hoping to "rewind" time and "reset" the dimension... Until Wonder Woman destroyed it with the mythic trident of Poseidon.

Whether Trinity survived this mystic assault remains to be seen.

Powers and Abilities

  • Time Manipulation
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Electronic Interaction and Disruption

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