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Titans of Myth
Titans of Myth
Notable Members Donna Troy, see List of Titans
Base Mount Othrys

Gaea the Earth mated with Uranus the heavens and gave birth to the Titans; Lapetus and Themis, Titans of Justice; Crius and Mnemosyne, Titans of Memory; Coeus and Phoebe, Titans of the Moon; Hyperion and Thia, Titans of the Sun; Oceanus and Tethys, Titans of the Sea; and Cronus and Rhea, Titans of the Earth.

The Titans were beautiful god-like beings, but the rest of Gaea's brood were horrible monsters that Uranus banished to the pit of Tartarus. Hoping to releaase all of her children, Gaea gave Cronus, the bravest of Titans, a potent weapon to use against his father. Cronius slew Uranus, but he did not free Gaea's brood. Instead, he and his fellow Titans created a paradise of subservience on the planet Earth.

However, Cronus feared an oracle which foretold that his own children would rise up against him, so he swallowed each of them as they were born, except his son Zeus, whom Rhea had saved. When Zeus reached manhood, he freed both his siblings and Gaea's brood. Together, these olympian gods and their monstrous allies defeated the Titans and imprisoned them in colimns of stone in Tartarus.

Thousand of years passed, and only Thia had escaped. Then Hyperion finally managed to free himself. Hyperion bewitched Donna (Wonder Girl) Troy into helping him release his fellow Titans. The Titans of Myth then attacked Mount Olympus where they were opposed by the Olympians, the Amazons of Paradise Island and the New Teen Titans.

Cronus intended to remake Earth into the paradise he remembered, but eventually Zeus and Athena convinced him that man must have free will to chart his own destiny. Wonder Girl was released from the spell she was under and the Titans of Myth returned to Tartarus to forge a new life for themselves there.

Sometime later, Thia resurfaced and attempted to conquer Olympus. Fearing repercussions from her fellow Titans of Myth, she set the Giants of Myth against them and despite the best efforts of the New Teen Titans, Lapetus, Crius and Tethys were all killed before Hyperion sacrificed himself to destroy his mad wife Thia. Zeus then invited the remaining Titans to live in peace in Olympus and they accepted.

List of Titans

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