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The Shattered God
The Shattered God
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #193 (August 2003)
Created by Walt Simonson and Jerry Ordway
Affiliations the universe

The Shattered God is a being who existed as thoughts before the universe had form. Following the Big Bang, the being shattered into trillions of fragments that spread throughout the cosmos. After billions of years, the Shattered God willed itself into the core of the planet Earth. While it gestated over the years, other gods came into power. In order to rise to power, it became necessary for the Shattered God to entrap the gods in the catacombs where they were turned to stone.

As Wonder Woman was created of clay from the Earth, she became the prime candidate to link the Shattered God a form which would allow it to recreate the universe in its own image. Following a period in which Wonder Woman found herself separated from her powers (held in the vessel of a clay avatar of her infant self), the Shattered God was able to take over her body where it traveled to Oa (which resides at the center of the universe). (Wonder Woman v2 #193)

With the assistance of Lady Ala and Karisin, gods from different pantheons, Trevor Barnes was empowered to combat the Shattered God and save Wonder Woman. He travels to Oa in the Invisible Plane with Diana's clay avatar, where the Shattered God overtakes his body and restores Wonder Woman to her full power. With the Shattered God's imminent absorption of Wonder Woman at peak strength, she breaks Zeus free of captivity with one of his own thunderbolts, subsequently liberating the other gods. Together, they defeat the Shattered God, but refuse to restore Barnes, who dies in Diana's arms. (Wonder Woman v2 #194)

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