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The Legend of Amazons is a series proposed to DC Comics by Renae De Liz that would have explored the history of the Amazons.

De Liz first made the pitch in January 2016 as revealed in a post on Twitter, "I pitched The Legend of the Amazons last week. It would depict the rise of their nation, and the deep love between Hippolyta & Phillupus."[1] In her Legend of Wonder Woman series, De Liz hinted at a relationship between the two when Hippolyta hesitated in her description of Philippus as her "true...friend."

DC later announced the launch of The Odyssey of the Amazons, prompting a (now deleted) tweet from Legend of Wonder Woman inker Ray Dillon which included a logo for the series with art from Legend of Wonder Woman.[2]

After DC cancelled The Legend of Wonder Woman: Book 2, fans of the first Legend series inquired about her other projects left on the cutting room floor. In response, De Liz posted a brief synopsis of the proposed Amazons series on Twitter as well as character sketches of Philippus, Hippolyta, and Hippolyta's mother.[3]

  • "Lots of questions about the Legend of Amazons story, so for fun I'll tell a little. It was two stories that entwined (see thread)"
  • "One follows young Phillipus (Alcippe) as her people are destroyed by Hercules & sets off on a violent trail of vengeance as the Nomad Queen"
  • "The other of young Hippolyta. She fights for the safety of her sisters & soon women from across the world join her ranks & battle for peace"
  • "They meet, clashing horribly. Hippolyta proves her mettle, and wins the aid of the Nomad Queen to finally win a freedom for their people"
  • "The might of the Amazons attract the Gods, who start Hippolyta on a quest for golden items, proving her worth to receive Immortality"
  • "Under the adventure is a story of Hippolyta & Phillipus, a true love spanning ages, but never blossoms as one is for peace & other, violence"
  • "Much more, but thats the rough form of it. Lots of mythical fun/adventure. No art but heres a couple quick sketches"

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