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Superwoman Earth-3
Real name Lois Lane
Debut Justice League of America #29 (August 1964)
Created by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky
Affiliations Crime Syndicate
Abilities Super strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, durability, and hearing

Superwoman is the name of the evil Earth-3, Crime Syndicate version of Lois Lane, who serves as a counterpart to Wonder Woman.


Super-Woman was born into the partially "reversed" universe of Earth-Three whereby the colonial British colonies successfully broke away from the Empire of United States in the 1700s and President John Wilkes Booth was assassinated by actor Abraham Lincoln.

Similar to the story of Wonder Woman, Super-Woman was a known Amazon and has all the powers and abilities of the Amazons. But unlike Princess Diana who was a recognized leader of the Amazons, this Amazon was a renegade who left Paradise Island on her own accord after finding out about the outside world. It was also known that the Amazons of Earth 3 never tried to recall her back from the outside world despite all the intervening years Super-Woman was active. However it has been assumed that like the Earth-Two Wonder Woman she was stripped of her immortality by the Amazons for breaking their rules and laws as she is usually shown with a white streak of hair in her later appearances, indicating that she was aging in later stories.

After their defeat by the combined forces of the Earth-Two Justice Society of America and the Earth-One Justice League of America, Super-Woman would remain imprisoned between dimensions until Captain Comet and the Secret Society of Super-Villains passed through the dimensions and accidently freed her along with Power Ring and Johnny Quick.

After being defeated by Captain Comet, Super-Woman and her fellow Crime Syndicate members were once again imprisoned. But Super-Woman and the Crime Syndicate were able to routinely escape as shown when the Per Degaton and the Ultra Humanite and his new time-traveling band of the Secret Society came to Earth-Three. Super-Woman and the others would battle against Luthor, Sr. and other heroes on many occasions who would routinely defeat Super-Woman and the other members of the Crime Syndicate.

This basic stalemate of escape and imprisonment would continue until the antimatter wave attack of the Anti-Monitor came to Earth-Three during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Unable to stop the antimatter wave that was destroying Earth-Three, Super-Woman and the other members of the Crime Syndicate teamed up with Luthor, Sr. in an attempt to stop the attack. Super-Woman was trying to directly brace a building against the anti-matter wave which ripped through her hundreds of feet thick barrier and killed her as Luthor, Sr. looked on.

Super-Woman along with everyone else native to their dimension died in the attack and were completely erased from all history with the reset of the single surviving universe, except for Kal-L and Alexander Luthor, Jr. who remembered Super-Woman and her world.

Powers and abilities

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Superhuman Accuracy
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability

She was apparently stripped of her immortality as she was shown with an age streak of grey hair in later stories.

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