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Real name None
Debut Comic Cavalcade #21 (August 1969)
Created by William Moulton Marston
Affiliations Gerta von Gunther
Abilities Shark-like instincts


Sharkeeta is a shark that was transformed into a mermaid by Gerta von Gunther. She and her sisters despised being confined in a tank on Paradise Island, and sought revenge on the Amazons. She managed to steal Hippolyta's magic girdle from her. Wonder Woman and Mala attempted to save the queen and their Amazon companions, but Sharkeeta proved to be too powerful. It wasn't until Gerta von Gunther used a humanizing solution which quelled Sharkeeta's shark-like instincts and allowed Sharkeeta and the other shark-mermaids to surrender, volunteering to go to Reform Island.

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