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Real name Scylla
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #191 (June 2003)
Created by Walt Simonson, Jerry Ordway
Affiliations Diana (goddess)

The Scylla was a sea monster with six heads, who lived a dark cave to eat sailors. During the voyage of Odysseus to return to his kingdom, the crew of the Argo found Scylla and Charybdis, but was guided by past Tethys and the Nereids, Ulysses also found Scylla and she swallowed six of his men. Fighting monsters fiercely they escaped through awaterfall, but were eaten by Charybdis. Later the monster shot to fame, becoming a passage quoted in The Odyssey, where it is described as: "And that's where dwelleth Scylla, yelping terribly His voice really is not greater than the voice of a newborn calf, but a monster it is terrible, and no expression on his pleasure., not a god I knew she really is 12 feet all dangling down; .. and more than six long necks, and on each head a horrible, and that's where three thick rows of teeth set and close, full of black death Upto their environment is that it sank very low in the hollow cave, but she holds her head before the awful gulf, and there she fishes, swooping round the rock for dolphins or sea-dogs, or larger beast for all that it can take anywhere, including the deep voice of Amphitrite feeds countless flocks."

Game of the Gods

During the game of the gods, Scylla is used as a weapon of war by Diana, Goddess of the Hunt under the command of the Shattered God to destroy the Amazons.

Arriving in Themyscira, Wonder Woman sees her sisters turned to stone and find responsible:Scylla. Attacking the monster all the ways possible, she realizes that is useless because Scylla it had its powers increased. Shortly before Wonder Woman and Artemis, destroy it. Shattered God speaks through the monster, which is quickly destroyed.

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