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Red Panzer 1
Red Panzer
Real name Helmut Streicher
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #228
Created by Martin Pasko
Affiliations Nazi Germany
Abilities Armed with a cannon on his arm and his body armor is an indestructible shell.

Nazi Helmut Streicher donned body armor and fought Wonder Woman during World War II. He also captured Batman, Flash and Green Lantern prior to the formation of the Justice Society. The Red Panzer's armor survived the War and has been worn by three modern successors of Streicher, including one who became a foe of Troia.


In 1943, the Nazi High Command sent scientist Helmut Streicher to the United States in order to design state of the art espionage tools for Nazi spies working in Washington, D.C.. One of Helmut's first inventions was a time-scanner. With it, he could view events destined to take place in the near future. Using his time scanner, Helmut learned that the Allied Forces would win a decisive victory over the Nazis on Normandy Beach on June 6th 1944. Helmut's foresight convinced him that this invasion would spell the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. In the hopes of forestalling this inevitable future, Helmut designed a sophisticated battle suit and assumed the identity of the Red Panzer.

The Red Panzer developed a time-grappling device that could physically project himself and his flying Panzer-ship into the future. On his first attempt however, he actually crossed the dimensional barrier and arrived on Earth-One of the modern era. Almost immediately, he crossed paths with the heroine, Wonder Woman, and was astonished to see that she was "still alive" thirty years into his own future. After a brief altercation, the Panzer realized that this was in fact the dimensional counterpart to the Wonder Woman from his own era.

The Panzer activated his time-grappler, which pulled both Wonder Woman and himself back to the environment of 1943 Earth-Two. While Wonder Woman was disoriented, the Red Panzer escaped and made his way back to his lair. The time-lost Wonder Woman eventually found her 1943 duplicate, and together they faced Red Panzer, ultimately defeating him.

Powers and Abilities

The Red Panzer is a competent espionage agent and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. The Red Panzer has an armored costume constructed of Panzer Metal, which not only protects him from offensive attacks, but conceals his identity as well. The armor derives its name from the claim that its structural durability is "stronger even than that of any panzer division". The Red Panzer makes use of his Panzer-ship, a custom-designed flying tank. The jet is constructed from the same Panzer Metal as his armor, rendering it virtually indestructable. The Panzer-ship is equipped with a drive system, which can travel across the time stream.

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