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Rama Khan
Real name Rama Khan
Debut JLA #62 (March 2002)
Created by Grant Morrison, Howard Porter
Affiliations The Ancients, Gamemnae
Abilities Magic Manipulation


Rama Khan is an immortal sorcerer, who reigned in Atlantis together, with Gamemnae during his reign he travelled to far reaches, until find the island of Jarhanpur where he created a group of warriors to defend their kingdom: The Ancients.

Centuries later, about the 21st century, Rama Khan appears in Jarhanpur as his protector, but he needed to find his successor, who would be revealed that he was a child,then Rama kidnaps the child's mother came into conflict with the JLA. Using their powers against the League, Rama Khan can accomplish a feat impossible to break the Lasso of Truth, resulting in a change in reality, the world began to be shaped by the beliefs of the people instead of the current reality, making Earth at the center of the universe and even in an apartment. Before this becomes a permanent reality, the league faced Rama again, to Wonder Woman fix the Lasso and confirm that he needed a successor and that his denial had made the Lasso break. Then Rama is forgiven and all damages caused to reality are restored.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic Manipulation
  • Elemental Control: Rama Khan is one with the land of Jarhanpur and seems to have complete control over the land and it’s elements. He has displayed the ability to control the weather, generate fire, control vegetation and turn himself into a huge walking mountain.
  • Immortality


  • Rama Khan's abilities are largely based on his birthplace, Jarhanpur.

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