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Queen Kathryn
Real name Kathleen (Kathy) O'Reilly
Debut Episode 207: The Queen and the Thief
Created by Bruce Shelly
Affiliations Country of Malakar
Played by Juliet Mills

Kathy O'Reilly of Boston, Massachusetts met the Prince of Malakar on a mediterranean cruise. They fell in love and were married. Later, when her husband died, she became Queen Kathryn.

Many were critical of Kathryn when she took the throne, including the Malakar Ambassador to the United States, Gregory Orrick. But when Kathryn plans a visit to the US, Orrick insists that she take with her the priceless crown jewels. He proposes that if she can take the jewels to her native country and then safely return them to Malakar - her critics will be silenced.

She follows his advice and brings the jewels to the Malakar Consulate in Palm Beach, Florida - unaware that master thief Evan Robley has been hired to steal them.