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Portrait cover
Released 1978
Length 39:56
Format vinyl
Label Epic
Cat. # JE 35308

Portrait is an album by Lynda Carter, released in 1978. Two songs from the record, "Want to Get Beside You" and "Toto", were performed by Carter (in character as Diana Prince) in the season three Wonder Woman episode "Amazon Hot Wax". The inner sleeve included song lyrics, and a limited number of copies included a picture disc. Carter dedicated the album to "my fantasy man Ron Samuels".

In 2013, the album was issued on CD for the first time by Wounded Bird Records. The disc added two additional tracks: "Everybody" and "If You Walked Away".

Track list

  1. All Night Song (4:47)
    Bob Siller
  2. She's Always a Woman (3:09)
    Billy Joel
  3. Tumbledown Love (4:44)
    Don Dunn, Bob Siller
  4. Just One Look (2:34)
    Gregory Carroll, Doris Payne
  5. Fantasy Man (4:39)
    Lynda Carter
  6. Lines (4:20)
    Don Dunn, Art Munson
  7. Want to Get Beside You (4:06)
    Lynda Carter, Don Dunn, Art Munson
  8. You're the Only One Who Understands (4:22)
    Charles Clinton Smith
  9. Put On a Show (3:44)
    Bob Siller
  10. Toto (Don't It Feel Like Paradise) (3:31)
    Lynda Carter, Bill Cuomo


  • Lynda Carter - vocals
  • Colin Cameron – bass
  • Bill Cuomo – keyboards
  • Don Dunn – backing vocals
  • The Faragher Brothers – backing vocals
  • Barry Fasman – arranger, conductor
  • Clark Garman – guitar
  • Wendy Haas – backing vocals
  • Brie Howard – backing vocals
  • Ralph Humphrey – drums
  • Art Munson – guitar
  • Jeanie Arnold Saviano – backing vocals
  • Tom Saviano – arranger
  • Bob Schaper – engineer
  • Bob Siller – backing vocals
  • Chuck Smith – backing vocals
  • Producer: Vini Poncia
  • Mastered By: Ron Hitchcock
  • Recorded at: Sunset Sound and Sound Labs, Hollywood, California
  • Mixed By: Joe Bellamy
  • Engineer: Bob Schaper
  • Arranged and Conducted by: Barry Fasman
  • Horns arranged by: Tom Saviano
  • Front cover illustration: James Donnelly
  • Design: Nancy Donald
  • Back cover photo: Tony Esparza

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