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Founded by Captain Nazi
Notable Members Tabitha, Carl

The Secret Society of Supervillains have imbued "nearly a hundred young and motivated volunteers" with the powers of Captain Nazi.

The Nazis plan is to wipe Amazon culture off the face of the Earth, and use Themyscira as the "new Fatherland" . The only two of these named are Tabitha, who gets a bit of a role and Carl, who doesn't, but at least during the first part of the fight Tabitha is not in command. The Nazis try to kill all the animals on the island but find themselves running from the monsters instead. They do manage to kill Hippolyta's pegasus and wound the queen grievously. They threaten to burn the library, but it is unknown if they actually got around to it.

After surviving Hippolyta's wrath as well as that of the Circle, Diana decides that massacring the Nazis would not be honorable. Thus she gives them the supplies to leave the island. Tabitha warns her that they can find Themyscira again. Diana tells her that that would not be a wise idea and mentions that the sea monsters that surround Themyscira now have their scent.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Invunerability
  • Healling Factor


  • Sniper
  • Expert Combatant



  • Infrared Googles
  • Costumes Reinforced


  • Energy Cannons
  • Energy Pistols
  • Grenades


  • Captain Nazi refers to them as the Wunderkind, but this may not be an official designation.

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