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Mouse Man
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #141 (October 1963)
Created by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru
Affiliations Academy of Arch-Villains
Abilities control of rodents


Mouse Man made his debut as a member of the Academy of Arch-Villains, attacking Wonder Woman after she was blinded by the Fireworks Man. Using his height to his advantage, along with his swiftness, he was able to prove quite a nuisance for Wonder Woman, and at one point injured Steve Trevor during a car accident. Wonder Woman feigned surrender, and Mouse Man led the heroine back to the Academy, where she defeated and imprisoned the criminals. Mouse Man was placed in a bird cage, as his size would allow him to escape from a normal prison.

After his first defeat, Mouse Man held a grudge with Wonder Woman, and attacked her several subsequent times. During one battle, he grabbed Wonder Woman's magic lasso and used her to entertain himself on a hamster wheel. He also accidentally shrunk Wonder Woman using his chemicals, allowing her to defeat him with a block of cheese.

Wonder Woman continued to visit Mouse Man in prison, attempting to reason with Mouse Man into reforming. He broke free from prison using his Mouselings, a group of wild mice which enabled him to escape from the cat which guarded his cage. He used his mouse motif to scare women into dropping their jewelry. He was once again able to capture Wonder Woman as his prisoner, but he was quickly defeated by the heroine with a sneeze.

Powers & Abilities

Mouse Man possesses the ability to communicate and control mice. It is unknown if this ability is inherent, or if he uses some technological device. He has also shrunken down to the size of a mouse, and because of his science background, is able to shrink others using chemicals.

Other versions

The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Mouse Man, hired by LexCorp, worked with Giganta in stealing data for the company. While Giganta battled Wonder Woman outside of the building, Mouse Man encountered Batman, who quickly defeated the minute menace. Later, the god of love Eros put a spell on Wonder Woman and Batman, forcing them to fall madly in love with each other. At their wedding, numerous villains attacked after being hired by Talia al Ghul, including Mouse Man. After the villains were defeated, Mouse Man escaped but got caught by Catwoman, irritated at Mouse Man's involvement in Batman's false marriage.

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