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Mike Schorr
Real name Mike Schorr
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #101 (September 1995)
Created by John Byrne
Affiliations Gateway Police Departament
Abilities Expert Detective

Detective Mike Schorr, a young but highly decorated lawman and head of the Gateway City Police Department's Special Weapons Division, became Wonder Woman's most trusted ally and companion, during her residence in the fictional Gateway City.


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of the Amazons) encountered Mike Schorr shortly after arriving in Gateway City when both were investigating a series of daring crime sprees featuring incredibly advanced technology. They discovered that the technology was being funneled to criminals by agents of Darkseid who lured them into a trap in order to probe Diana for secrets of the Olympians Gods When Darkseid invaded Wonder Woman's mystical island homeland Themiscyra, Detective Schorr fought bravely beside her. Darkseid is repelled but not before causing the deaths of more than a thousand Amazons. Wonder Woman breaks down in Schorr's arms. The detectives actions earn him the respect of the surviving Amazons.

Obsessed with the conquest of all Amazons and the enslavement of Wonder Woman,Hercules disguised as Gateway City strongman, Harold Campion, used a mind-control drug to compel her to fall in love with him. Though Hercules's plot failed, and he was exiled to Mount Olympus, the drug nullified Wonder Woman's romantic feelings for Detective Schorr, and the pair continued as good friends.

When Diana was slain by the demon Neron, Mike found new allies in her mother,Queen Hippolyta and fellow Amazon: Artemis, with whom he enjoyed a flirtatious chemistry. Through their combined efforts, Wonder Woman was eventually resurrected, but, his feelings for her never resurfaced.

Though Wonder Woman eventually relocated to Washington, D.C., Detective Schorr continues to fight crime in Gateway City, the residence of Cassandra Sandsmark.

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