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Wonder Woman is a DC Comics superhero created by William Moulton Marston in 1941. Her story begins in Themyscira, a Paradise Island populated by Amazons. Diana is princess of her people, who follow their queen, Hippolyta. Diana journeys to Patriarch's World to battle evil as Wonder Woman, and protect the safety of her home. Her main cast of characters include Wonder Girl, Steve Trevor and Etta Candy, with Circe, Ares and Cheetah among her main foes.

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Near the dawn of mankind, came a race of beings that the ancient Greeks, later known as gods. Enabled by the beliefs of their followers, each dominated certain aspects of the world. From Chaos came Gaea and Uranus, from their union came a race of Titans,which in turn were expelled when Zeus, son of Cronos their leader, killed his father and founded Olympus.

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