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Lord Lycus
Real name Lycus
Debut Teen Titans #62 (October 2008)
Created by Sean Mckeever, Eddy Barrows
Affiliations Ares (father), Cassandra Sandsmark (half sister)
Abilities God


Lycus was once a powerful and remorseless leader of Libya. On a mission to take his rightful place as his father's champion, he had a hell hound infiltrate Titans Tower and it ended up killing Marvin and putting Wendy in a coma. Afterwords, Lycus met up with his aunt, Cassandra Sandsmark, and challenged her to a battle. Lycus claimed that everyone he killed made him stronger. Cassie was able to call the other Titans for help. While the other Titans were occupied with the hell hound that happened to grow to the size of a big building (most likely from gaining power from killing people as well), Lycus forced his young aunt to fight him. Lycus told Cassie that when he killed someone, he not only got more power, but she lost some of hers! He could have kept killing until she had no energy left but he wanted to beat her fair and square. Cassie tried using her lasso but found out that it didn't work anymore. Lycus stole it and started to strangle her. Cassie was about to die when all of a sudden she realized that she always used other people's powers instead of her own whether it was Zeus or Ares. So she decided she wouldn't rely on anyone's power but hers. That quickly turned the tables around because she had all of her power back and even more! As she was fighting him, Kid Devil and Bombshell took care of the hell hound only to find out that all the power it had was then transferred to Lycas! The Titans tried to help Cassie but Cassie quickly stopped them and said that she had to be the one to beat him. Lycus took advantage of this distraction to attack Cassie but even with the power boost he was no match for the new Wonder Girl. Cassie threw her lasso around the beaten Lycus and then he disappeared.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Enhanced Healling, Magic, Immortality, Master Combatant, Weapon Master, Tactician and trategist, Tracking, Leadership

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