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Lila Brown
Real name Lila Brown
Debut Sensation Comics #3 (March 1942)
Created by William Moulton Marston
Affiliations U.S. Army, Steve Trevor

Lila Brown is the secretary of Steve Trevor in the military.


When Diana Prince joined the army as General Darnell's secretary, Lila Brown immediately became antagonistic. She gave attitude to Diana Prince at any moment, which led Prince to believe Lila to be a leak to Nazi spies. Eventually, she discovered that Lila's sister Eve was the leak, and Lila joined Wonder Woman in defeating Herr Gross, who had posed as Eve's boyfriend. She remained with the army for some time, often ridiculing Diana Prince any chance she had.

Lila Brown met her demise at the hands of Doctor Psycho, who used an explosive disguised as a fountain pen. The trap was intended for Steve Trevor, but Lila's disregard for Diana Prince's orders led her to her death.


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