Lasso of Truth poster

Lasso of Truth is a 2015 stage play by Carson Kreitzer about Wonder Woman and the lives of her creators William Moulton Marston, his wife Elizabeth Holloway, and their live-in partner Olive Byrne. The title is derived from Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.

The narrative blends two stories: one featuring characters named The Inventor (Marston), The Wife (Holloway), and The Amazon (Byrne); and a two characters named The Girl and The Guy placed in a modern setting. The actors appear on stage assisted by a series of projected videos and set pieces designed in the style of comic book panels.

The play was premiered in Kansas City at the Unicorn Theatre, directed by Johnny Wolfe, with set design by Jacob Stoltz and Ryan Zirngibl.

Program Description

Who is Wonder Woman and where did she come from? Lasso of Truth explores the knotty origin story of our preeminent female superhero, created by William Marston, inventor of the first lie-detector machine. This smart, seductive, wild ride features the two women Marston lived with in a polyamorous relationship - both of whom inspired the famous character - plus a girl in search of answers about her childhood heroine, and a guy trying to hold on to his prized first issue.


Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City
  • Martin Buchanan as The Inventor
  • Carla Noack as The Wife
  • Vanessa Severo as The Amazon
  • Laura Jacobs as The Girl
  • Jamie Dufault as The Guy
Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA
  • Nicholas Rose as The Inventor
  • Jessa Brie Moreno as Wife
  • Liza Sklar as The Amazon
Synchronicity Theatre, Atlanta, GA
  • Kevin Stillwell as The Inventor
  • Tenaya Cleveland as The Wife
  • Bryn Striepe as The Amazon
  • Christen Orr as The Girl
  • Matt Myers as The Guy
The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, MN
  • Annie Enneking as The Wife
  • Meghan Kreidler as The Amazon
  • John Riedlinger as The Boy
  • McKenna Kelly-Eiding as The Girl
  • Stephen Yoakam as The Inventor


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