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Lady Ala
Lady Ala
Real name Ala
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #191 (June 2003)
Affiliations African culture
Abilities deity

Lady Ala, or just Ala, is the Odinani goddess of the earth, morality, fertility, and creativity. Her name literally translates to 'ground' in the Igbo language, denoting her powers over the earth and her status as the ground itself.

During a crisis in which gods from several pantheons became captive to The Shattered God, Lady Ala appeared to Trevor Barnes in the fields of eastern Zambia, saving him from the dust devils that were responsible for a world-wide drought. Having aligned with her sister goddesses, Lady Ala bestows a gift upon Barnes to aid Wonder Woman in a battle to defeat the Shattered God. (Wonder Woman v2 #191)

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