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Real name Thomas Morita
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #237
(November 1977)
Created by Gerry Conway, Jose Delbo
Affiliations Yakuza
Abilities Shapeshifting

Born in the USA, Thomas Morita blamed the death of his Japanese immigrant parents and his other troubles on the alleged racial prejudice they encountered during the Great Depression. Hating America, Morita went to Japan and trained to be a Samurai. He also underwent a mystical experience that enabled him to transform into animals.

Now known as Kung, the Assassin of a Thousand Claws, he was sent by the Japanese government during World War II on various missions in America. There, he clashed with the All Star Squadron. Kung was killed when he returned to Japan to convince Hirohito to surrender at the behest of the U.S. Army. Unfortunately, the deadline ran out, and the bombs were dropped on Japan. He was killed on August 6, 1945 when the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Kung's soul was damned to the Outer Darkness because of his anger. When Jay Garrick and the ghost of Billy Batson's father brushed past the membrane of the Outer Darkness, causing a breach. The other souls of the atomic bombing victims agreed to merge with Kung, and they found a portal to the Rock of Eternity. From there, they were able to find a way to the JSA's headquarters.Nevertheless, it seems that Kung was able to fight Wonder Woman again Post-Crisis, as he is among the myriad of Wonder Woman villains seen when Diana returns to take back her title as Wonder Woman. Kung was next seen as a member of the Blood Soldiers, super powered assassins in pay to the Yakuza, when they attacked Judomaster daughter at the Statue of Liberty at the behest of Avatar.Some time later, Kung attacked the JSA's elder members Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Wildcat, along with ancillary victims Hourman and Liberty Belle, Kung demanded that the JSA pay for the sins of America allowing the bomb to drop. He was assisted by the angry ghosts of those that had died in the bombings. The five are transported back to the date that the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The nanosecond before the bomb detonates, Alan Scott is able to use his ring again, protecting them- it was at this moment Japan's protection from the Holy Grail ran out. The Spectre arrived after the bombing, with Damage,Atom Smasher, the second Judomaster andPower Girl. Taking the form of the dragon god Ryujin, Kung grapples with the Spectre. Ultimately, the Spectre is able to tear the Ryujin asunder, and separates Kung from the other souls, as Alan encapsulates the souls in a Green Lantern energy coffin. As Kung explains that the deaths of the five heroes would have restored him to life, the Spectre asks him if he accepts his authority. He does not, and is banished for it. A piece of him resided in Stargirl, whom he had possessed earlier. The Spectre exorcises it and destroys it.

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