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Debut "Spaced Out"
Played by René Auberjonois

Kimball is a thief hired by Simon Rohan to steal crystals from the Torrance Observatory.

When an alarm goes off in the observatory, Kimball is forced to hide his stolen goods in a nearby crate for fear of being caught with the items on his person. To reunite with his loot, Kimball seeks out Sylvester Grogan at a convention for the science fiction TV series Space Quest.

At a nearby hotel, Kimball is intercepted by Wonder Woman, who recognizes him from past dealings. Kimball gives her the slip by endangering the lives of civilians several floors below where he is being chased, forcing Wonder Woman to divert her attention elsewhere.

Kimball later recognizes IADC agent Diana Prince, and seeks to conceal his identity while continuing his search for the crystals. Learning that a convention attendee called the Black Avenger has never shown his face in public, Kimball breaks into the actor's hotel room and steals his outfit.

Dressed as the Black Avenger, Kimball finally finds Grogan on the convention floor and talks him into getting a tour of his Apollo moon rock exhibit. Kimball uses the opportunity to study the rooms security measures in an attempt revisit the location and acquire the missing crystals he owes to Rohan.

Ultimately, Rohan and his goons pin Kimball down and they discover that the crystals are not where they were assumed to be. Kimball supposes that the crystals must still be with Grogan, but after he's captured as well, Rohan's attention shifts to Janet who he discovers ended up with the crystals.

Kimball teams up with Diana Prince (and later Wonder Woman) to scour the convention floor for the crystals. Once they're discovered to have been used on a sceptre awarded to a costume contest, Wonder Woman acquires the crystals and Kimball slips away wearing a Robby the Robot costume.

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