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Real name Khyrana
Debut Superman #661 (April 2007)
Created by Kurt Busiek, Eduardo Barreto
Abilities Power and Energy Absorption


Khyrana was a beautiful young woman, who lived in Greece in ancient times. One day Zeus tried to seduce her, but the girl refused to sleep with him,having been rejected Zeus cursed to wander the earth forever, with the need to suck the life energy of people.The effects of the curse caused her to look mortal after mortal, leech him of all his energy and eventually kill him and then move on. In an amost of Art in Metropolis, Clark, Lois and Diana are surprised by the invasion of Khyrana of the museum, claiming that all the objects claimed to be rightfully yours.When Superman tried to stop her, Khyran felt a great power and began to suck him leaving the weak and disoriented, Diana was striving to detain her, but Khyrana can defeats diana and kidnap Clark.Lois Lane and Diana discover the origin of Khyrana, Diana remembers an old tale about Khyrana and then how to rescue Superman.When confronted by Wonder Woman, Khyrana decided to drain his power, but when Superman comes into play both types of energy do not mix well, and the heroes were able to subdue it. Khyrana is led sedated by Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, Superman hopes that sedation will nullify the effects of the curse until they can figure out a way to permanently deal with it. Diana appeals to Zeus to remove the curse

Powers and Abilities

  • Power and Energy Absorption
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Immortality

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