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Real name Kho Kharhi
Debut Wonder Woman v3 #18 (May 2008)
Created by Gail Simone, Bernard Chang
Affiliations Procanon Kaa, Green Lantern Corps
Abilities Green Lantern


Kho is a young Khund warrior, daughter of Commander Kharhi and cable armourer of Khundian army.

In the company of her father, she goes to Earth in search of Wonder Woman. Upon reaching the earth's Army attacks Diana, Kho is the last to be shot and soon after she is moved by nearly being murdered by Diana, who does not understand. Soon Kho father explains that the fighting was a way to honor Wonder Woman, he soonenlists the help of Diana for her to prevent the destruction of his planet. Listening to the conversation between his father and the emperor, Kho realizes that Diana was manipulated, both planned to launch a massive nuclear attack against the other hemisphere of the planet to destroy The Ichor, Kho quickly warns Diana, Procanon Kaa and Etta Candy on the attack, Wonder Woman set out to stop the Holocaust, while Etta tries to contact The Ichor to ask that they leave the planet.

Diana and Green Lantern prevent nuclear attack killed the commander Khari, leaving Kho orphaned, then Procanon Kaa become her guardian and training her to be a Green Lantern

Powers and Abilities


  • Alien Phisiology
  • Willpower-Based Constructs
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability


  • Skilled Combatant
  • Weapon Master




"The bloodiest day in the hottest night, I will be a torment, I will fight tooth and nail every one that is treacherous and cowardly will be extinct by the Green Lantern and his legacy"


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