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Real name Lakshmi
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #190 (May 2003)
Affiliations Hinduism
Abilities deity

Karisin is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity, more commonly known as Lakshmi.[1]

Karisin appears to Trevor Barnes while on a humanitarian mission for the United Nations in India. After inspecting a rice field that has become barren, and discovering the dead body of his colleague, the locals attribute the misfortune with the return of the Rakshasas (Hindu demons). Karisin makes herself visible only to Barnes, and explains that the events are attributed to something worse than Rakshasas; that only the combined strength of her sister goddesses has allowed her to heed him a warning. She implores Barnes that he must go to the land of his ancient ancestors, and resolves that a way has been prepared. Indeed, Barnes is immediately intercepted by a UN courier with travel plans to Zambia. (Wonder Woman v2 #190)


  1. "She also has a role as a fertility goddess and is particularly linked to the richness of the soil. Because of this, she is sometimes known as Karisin ("rich in dung"), a variation that is naturally popular in the countryside." —Ancient India's Myths and Beliefs p. 110 by Charles Phillips, Michael Kerrigan, David Gould (2011)

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