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Kane Milohai
Real name Kane Milohai
Debut Wonder Woman v3 #15 (February 2008)
Created by Gail Simone
Terry Dodson
Affiliations Hawaiian Gods, Pele (daughter)
Abilities Creation


When Wonder Woman needed help to penetrate a divine ban around Themyscira to rescue her mother, no god would help her, fearful of the wrath of the gods of Olympus, until she approached Kane. Sympathetic to her plight, he took her in as a daughter and became her patron, gifting her with his token, a red cloth tied around her arm, and a flying sea shell, which would grow in size to carry whoever rode it and take her where ever she wished. She embraced him gratefully and from that point began addressing her prayers to him.

Some time later,Zeus having plans for Diana, came to Kane and first asked, then demanded Kane give him her loyalty when he refused, claiming that the loyalty of mortals was not something to give. Zeus attacked and Kane Malohai fought back laughing, proclaiming he'd never do as Zeus asks. After a titanic struggle where both Gods used the heavens themselves as weapons, Zeus emerged triumphant and slew Kane Milohai, ripping out his heart.

Zeus took Kane's heart and used it to give life to Achilles Warkiller. Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanos and war, came after Diana, blaming her for her father's death, and Wonder Woman transferred her oath she took to Kane to Pele.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cosmic Awareness
  • God Level Strength
  • Creation: It has been established that he can create worlds and stars
  • Atmoskinesis
  • Longevity


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