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Johnny Harris
Birth Date 1932
Birth Place Edinburgh, Scotland
Works Wonder Woman (see credits)

Audio sample: Wonder Woman season three main title theme.

Lynda Carter talks about Johnny Harris and his music during her DVD audio commentary for "My Teenage Idol Is Missing."

Johnny Harris is a Scottish-born composer, producer, arranger, conductor, and musical director who has worked with the likes of Tom Jones, Dame Shirley Bassey, Englebert Humperdinck, and Liza Minelli. His friendship with Lynda Carter started when he was hired as music director for her 1978 headlining concert at Caesar’s Palace. On Lynda's recommendation, he was then hired by supervising producer, Bruce Lansbury to become Wonder Woman's main composer for the third and final season. He also arranged the show's final main title theme.

Harris went on to direct music for all five of Lynda’s TV specials and score several of her TV movies as well as her next series, Partners in Crime. He’s also written for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and The Powers of Mathew Star. His other works include several more TV specials featuring the likes of Goldie Hawn, Liza Minnelli, and Diana Ross, a number of TV movies, and commercials for Coca-Cola, Texaco, Kodak, and Maybelline.

"Lynda asked me if I would like to do the music for Wonder Woman," said Dad. "She set up a meeting in Burbank with the WW producer Bruce Lansbury."

With the help of Lynda's recommendation Dad was offered not only the incidental music in WW but also the chance of re-arranging the original theme. The new arrangement of the theme was a big success and the word got out that there was a new guy on the 'lot'. The head of Warner Brothers Music took Dad out to lunch and welcomed him aboard. Dad's feet were now under the table at WB and so he did most of the underscores for that final season of Wonder Woman.

Johnny Harris: The Man Who Turned Down Elvis Twice by Julie Pearce-Martin, 2010


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