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Hephaestus - New 52
Real name Hephaestus
Debut All Star Comics #8 (December 1941)
Created by Gardner Fox
Affiliations Gods of Olympus
Abilities Immortal
Played by Ed Asner (voice)

Hephaestus is the son of the Greek gods Zeus and Hera, and his wife is Aphrodite.



Hephaestus is a smith and weapons-maker, best known for creating Zeus's thunderbolts. He also made Wonder Woman's bracelets, gear, and armor.

Hephaestus is the Greek god of Fire and the Forge. He was born on Mount Olympus to Hera and Zeus, depending on the story being told. Thrown off of Mount Olympus, Hephaestus lived with water nymphs near the island of Lemnos.

The annihilator is one of Hephaestus' creations. He had made the weapon as a gift for Ares.

Powers and Abilities


  • That of an average Olympian God.


  • That of an Average Olympian God.


Lack of Faith by mortals.

In other media

  • In the television series Justice League Unlimited, Hephaestus (voiced by Ed Asner) guest-stars in the episode "Hawk and Dove," and is seen creating an unstoppable battlesuit called The Annihilator at the request of Ares to ignite a civil war between the neighboring tribes of the fictional country of Kaznia. It is also revealed throughout the course of the episode that Hephaestus is responsible for the creation of Wonder Woman's armor.

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