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Gloria Marquez
Gloria Marquez
Real name Gloria Marquez
Debut "The Return of Wonder Woman" (September 1977)
Created by Stephen Kandel
Affiliations Dr. Solano, CASTRA
Abilities Super strength, Protective cybernetic body cast (partial)
Played by Jessica Walter
Doctor Cyber Gloria Marquez WW77mBW 02

Gloria Marquez is an international terrorist who schemes with Dr. Solano to destabilize peace in Latin America. She is the first combatant Wonder Woman fights while in her non-superhuman identity as Diana Prince. Ultimately, the terrorist plot is foiled - but not before a final showdown between the Amazon and an atomic-powered robot. Wonder Woman defeats the machine, resulting in an explosion that claims the lives of Solano and Gloria, presumably. ("The Return of Wonder Woman")

Doctor Cyber

Marquez and Solano are later revealed to have survived the blast, having secretly escaped to their base on Lauray. Far from unscathed, a paralyzed Solano underwent rehabilitation while a burned and mangled Marquez assembled a team of surgeons and computer technicians to cover her damaged limbs and organs with a cybernetic shell - all while she plotted her revenge against the Amazon.

Amongst a cabal of Wonder Woman's enemies, including Solano, the toymaker Orlich Hoffman, Nazi Captain Radl, and others, Marquez insists on the moniker, Doctor Cyber. (Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman)


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