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Real name Genocide
Debut Wonder Woman v3 #26 (January 2009)
Created by Gail Simone
Affiliations The Society
Abilities Superstrength

Genocide's origin (DC Universe #0 June 2008)


Understanding that The Society needed a major weapon strong enough to kill members of the Justice League of America, Dr. Barbara Minerva agreed to use a plan initially thought of by team member T. O. Morrow. She had Dr. Morrow gather the scientists within the team to collect soil samples from various regions of Earth where acts of genocide took place over the past 100 years. (1908-2008) They used the soil to empower the dead body of Wonder Woman, stolen from the future, to create the sadist villain Genocide, which was brought to life through a combination of science and the magic of Felix Faust. Dr. Minerva initially set Genocide loose at a shopping mall in downtown Washington D.C. to draw the Justice League's attention. The Department of Metahuman Affairs dispatched a team of agents, which included Agent Diana Prince] to investigate the disturbance. After changing into her super powered alter ego, Genocide beat Wonder Woman to the point of near death and stole her Lasso of Truth. After having the Lasso surgically grafted into her body by the Crime Doctor, Genocide was sent to the home base of the D.M.A. to retrieve the captive Doctor Psycho. She slaughtered nearly everyone there before being attacked by the Justice League of America, and she quickly defeated Green Lantern (John Stewart), Firestorm (Jason Ruch) and Red Tornado.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength, Teleportation, Invulnerability, Healing, Speed
  • Creates an aura of despair: hate and rage in its general vicinity

Genocide Locations

The known soil samples Genocide was created with were taken from:

  • AuschwtizPoland - Samples collected by Professor Ivo and Red Volcano
  • Logor Jasenovac,Croatia - Samples collected by Doctor Poison
  • Dafur,Sudan - Samples collected by an as-yet-unknown member with black gloves, probably T.O. Morrow.
  • Rwanda - Samples collected by an as-yet-unrevealed member
  • Cambodia - Samples collected by an as-yet-unrevealed member

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