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Fausta Grables
Fausta Grables
Real name Fausta Grables
Debut Comic Cavalcade #2 (Spring 1943)
Created by William Moulton Marston
Harry G. Peter
Affiliations Nazi party
Played by see In other media

Fausta Grables is a Swiss Nazi agent sent to the United States by Hitler to capture Wonder Woman.

Posing as journalist Rora Blank from The Daily Tab, Fausta attempts to gather information about Wonder Woman by interviewing Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. While Diana is tight-lipped, Steve reveals to "Rora" that Wonder Woman's closest friends can contact her using a Mental Radio. Suspecting that "Rora" might be an Axis agent, Diana calls The Daily Tab to corroborate their visitor's story, but finds that the real Rora Blank has had her identity stolen.

Fausta plots a scenario which successfully finds Steve trapped in a house and Wonder Woman baited to rescue him. Trapped in a room quickly filling with gas, the Amazon plows through the steel door securing their escape. The plan now proven a failure, Fausta faces the Council of Axis Chiefs who give her another chance to capture Wonder Woman. Tapping Steve Trevor's phone, she learns that Wonder Woman spends a night at the residence of Diana Prince, and proceeds to steal her costume.

Several days later, Diana and Steve attend an Army benefit show where they bare witness to a "strong girl" dubbed the Masked Marvel. After several displays of strength (which Diana guesses have all been staged), a bear named Bruin tears away the Masked Marvel's outfit and reveals to the audience a Wonder Woman costume beneath (still wearing a mask to conceal her face). Diana rushes home at superspeed to acquire her superhero attire, finds that it has been taken, and instead dons an Amazon costume worn on Paradise Island.

Back at the show, Diana faces off against Fausta still wearing the stolen Wonder Woman outfit, complete with her magic Golden Lasso. Fausta uses the lasso to manipulate their fight on stage, and ultimately binds and covers Diana, carting her away to the Council of Axis Chiefs. Upon arrival at the abandoned Japanese Embassy, Wonder Woman uses her mental abilities to alert Steve to her location who arrives on the scene with Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls to create a diversion with a group of Nazi thugs while Diana frees herself.

Fausta captured, her cleverness reminds Wonder Woman not to underestimate her opponent.


In other media

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