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Real name Euryale
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #23 (December 1988)
Created by George Perez
Affiliations Gorgons
Abilities Flight


Euryale and her sister Stheno awakened and seek to brought back their dead sister Medusa. They made the sorceress Circe to revive Medusa and she accepted. Using the severed head of Medusa, Circe manage to brought her back to life but only her head was "alive".

Circe picked the request by the latter and the Gorgon sisters attacked the sorceress but she fend them off, but they were interrupted by God Poseidon who persuaded Circe to help the Gorgons so they can have revenge on the Amazons for Lyta's death. Circe demanded to bring Medusa's bones and she revived her correctly. So the Gorgon sisters helped Circe to make Wonder Woman suffer.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight
  • Lomgevity
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Master Swordsman

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