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"The Man Who Could Not Die"
Season 3, Episode 22
Air date August 28, 1979
Written by Anne Collins
Director John Newland
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"The Boy Who Knew Her Secret"
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"The Phantom of the Roller Coaster"

On her first day in Los Angeles, Diana encounters an indestructible chimpanzee. This leads her to a scientist who through a combination of chemicals and radiation has also made a man, Bryce Candall, indestructible. Bryce and Wonder Woman join forces to foil the scientist's plan to create an army of indestructible men to take over the country.


  • Lynda Carter as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  • John Durren as Dale Hawthorn
  • Robert Sampson as Dr. Akers
  • Bob Seagren as Bryce Candle / Bret Cassiday
  • John Aprea as Dupris
  • Hal Frederick as The Professor
  • Brian Davies as Joseph Reichman
  • James Bond III as T. Burton Phipps III
  • Sherry Miles as Admissions Clerk
  • Douglas Broyles as Mover
  • Zamba as Lion (uncredited)

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