"Mind Stealers from Outer Space"
Season 2, Episode 10 & 11
Air date December 2 & 9, 1977
Written by Stephen Kandel
Director Michael Caffey
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In Part 1, an alien race of beings called the Skrill come to Earth to steal the minds of humans to be sold into slavery. Andros (Dack Rambo), son of the alien visitor from the 1940s, arrives with orders to capture the Skrill in six days. If he fails, his people will use insanity-inducement procedures on the Earth to prevent their escape. The Skrill find out Diana Price is also Wonder Woman. They get the Sardor monster to attack Diana and weaken her until Diana faints. Andros then saves her. Guest starring Vince Van Patten, whose father Dick had appeared in a season one episode.

Wonder Woman and Andros continue to battle the Skrill, who are even more dangerous now that they have deduced Wonder Woman's secret identity and captured Andros' mind.


  • Lynda Carter as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  • Lyle Waggoner as Colonel Steve Trevor, Jr.
  • Dack Rambo as Andros
  • Kristin Larkin as Debbie
  • Vincent Van Patten as Johnny
  • Earl Boen as Chaka
  • Barry Cahill as General Miller
  • Del Hinkley as George Hess
  • Barbara O. Jones as Sell
  • Allan Migicovsky as Dr. Rand
  • Anne Ramsey as Connie
  • Linda Ryan as Ruth Blaine
  • Sol Weiner as Captain Parelli
  • Gary Bisig as Rossman
  • Betty Cole as Cleaning Lady
  • Lana Marie Henricks as Karen
  • Lori Ann Henricks as Kim
  • Pamela Mason as Carla Burgess
  • Curt Lowens as Nordling
  • Rege Cordic as Professor Eidleman
  • Walt Davis as Security Guard
  • Phyllis Flax as Woman Delegate
  • Eric Mason as Senator Wainright
  • Dee Dee Young as Zambezia Delegate
  • Kristin Larkin as Debbie
  • Paula Crist as Skrill (uncredited)


  • Footage from Marooned (1969) and This Island Earth (1955) are used for the spaceship sequences.
  • Sound effects from Star Trek are used for Ira.

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