"Formula 407"
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date January 22, 1977
Written by Elroy Schwartz
Director Herb Wallerstein
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"Judgment from Outer Space"
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"The Bushwackers"

Diana and Steve head to Argentina to pick up a formula from a scientist. The formula can make rubber tires as strong as steel. The Nazis want to steal the formula to use it on their truck tires. A Nazi agent who is secretly involved with the scientist's assistant directs his henchmen to kidnap both the scientist's daughter (to obtain the formula) and Steve (to take him back to Germany for interrogation). Diana, witnessing the abduction, spins into costume and tries to intervene, only to be chloroformed by the Nazis. She awakens tied up in a room with Steve. Wonder Woman and Steve break free to find the girl before the agent takes the formula back to Germany.


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