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Duke of Deception
Real name Deception
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #2 (August 1942)
Created by William Moulton Marston
Affiliations Children of Ares
Abilities Creates illusions and delusions in the minds of others


The Duke of Deception is one of Wonder Woman's earliest enemies, and a trusted ally of Mars, despite many attempts to betray him. During World War II, Deception spread falsehoods among the Nazis and provoked further war and hatred. He first encountered Wonder Woman as she was brought to the planet Mars as a slave in order to rescue her friend Steve Trevor. She succeeded in saving Trevor and fled from Mars. After the Earl of Greed's failure to re-capture Wonder Woman, the Duke of Deception was ordered to do so. He created a phantasm of the Amazon and concocted an elaborate, deceptive plan involving the fake death of an Indian dancer, Naha, who turned out to be a minion of the Duke. However, the plan was thwarted and Deception was sent back to Mars to face his commander. As punishment, Mars imprisoned the Duke of Deception along with the Earl of Greed.

After Lord Conquest defeated Wonder Woman, the Duke of Deception was freed from his imprisonment. He then returned to Earth and incited Doctor Psycho into battle with Wonder Woman. After Psycho's defeat, Mars blamed Duke of Deception and jailed him with several women. Deception was able to deceive the women into believing he was fighting for their rights, and he rose to power while Mars, Lord Conquest, and the Earl of Greed were cast off the planet. He then recruited his daughter Lya to aid him in his ruling, but she betrayed him and rallied several female Martians against him. However, not to be out-deceived, the Duke tricked Lya and her subjects into a space-ship and sent them to Earth while he remained on Mars.

The Duke eventually returned to serving Mars, and subsequently battled Wonder Woman on several more occasions, using phantasms of Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, and other humans who are pivotal to Wonder Woman's life.


The Duke of Deception appeared briefly battling Wonder Woman with Cheetah, Giganta, and several other of Wonder Woman's enemies. He is noted as being a trusted disciple of Ares, and has the ability to create illusion duplicates of himself. He is defeated by Nemesis and the Justice League of America.

Powers and Abilities

The Duke of Deception possesses the ability to create illusions and cast delusions within others, which he uses to drive his victims insane. He uses this ability to envelop himself with an illusory image, usually making himself more physically attractive, though he has been known to use "phantasms" of various people including Wonder Woman. He can also possess anyone he chooses, and project himself astrally. He has a group of slaves which he uses to carry out his bidding.

As a minor God, Deception is immortal and possesses many of the traits of other Gods and Goddesses.

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