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Circe - Donna Milton
Donna Milton
Real name Circe
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #78 (September 1993)
Created by William Messner-Loebs, Lee Moder
Affiliations Ari Buchanan, Lyta Milton (daughter)
Abilities Sorcery


To try to destroy Diana, Circe creates a plan seemingly infallible,impersonating a mortal lawyer called Donna Milton thus able to approach Diana. Afraid that the Lasso of Truth showed its true identity, Circe casts a spell on herself to believe that doing it was really Donna Milton and her real persona only to reappear when Donna was sleeping.

Over time, Donna has become friends with Diana and Micah Rains, until being hired by Ares Buchanan as his lawyer in private practice,they had a brief romance,that ended when Ari used a mini black hole against Diana and Donna Milton saved her, playing Ares Buchanan in the black hole. This brief romantic involvement that resulted in the birth of Lyta Milton.

During the battle between Artemis and the White Magician, Diana realized that Circe and Donna Milton were the same person and asks her help in helpinh her reach Artemis. Donna screams in anger with Diana and teleports unconsciously to her location and gradually the memories of Circe back, but of Donna Milton's persona still remained. As Diana was on the verge of being overwhelmed by the White Magician, his lover, television newsanchor, Casssandra Arnold and the Cheetah(both of whom he had transformed into monsters to serve him), Circe appeared and attacked him with her magic. However, the disguise of Donna had been too mortal and she was unable to use the full strength of her power against him. She was quickly overpowered and reverted back into Donna. However, as Cassandra and the Cheetah lunged toward her for the kill, Donna managed to cast a teleportation spell, taking all three of them to an unknown location

Before she vanished Donna said"You're my only friend, Diana!". She was never seen again after this.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sorcery
  • Teleportation
  • Metamorphosis

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