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Dr Domino
Doctor Domino
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #205
Created by Robert Kanigher, Don Heck

Doctor Domino is the leader of a group of international criminals attempting to acquire a toxin for which no defense exists.

Domino's men kidnap Tracy Morgan from the United Nations building and take him to Domino's missile-ship. There he confesses to killing a Professor Zuni who had developed a Bacteria Cloudburst Formula and sold it to Morgan.

Wonder Woman, in a rescue attempt to retrieve Morgan, is electrocuted on the ship's anchor and pulled aboard, unconscious. Domino's men user her lasso to tie her to a nuclear warhead programmed to level New York City, but Wonder Woman wriggles herself free mid-flight and maneuvers the missile back to Domino's ship. Before obliterating the vessel, Wonder Woman retrieves Morgan and flees the area, leaving Domino and his men in the ship's ruins.

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