"A Bold New Direction for... Wonder Woman"
Series DC Comics Presents
Issue # 41
Cover Date January 1982
Previous Issue DC Comics Presents #32
Next Issue DC Comics Presents #76

The Wonder Woman story from this issue takes place between Wonder Woman v1 #287 and Wonder Woman v1 #288.


It's a chilly autumn day in the nation's capitol as Steve Trevor and Diana Prince hurry on foot to deliver a mysterious briefcase. Suddenly they're ambushed by enemy spies intent on stealing the satchel. Steve orders Diana to flee with it while he faces the attackers alone. She darts into a nearby alley, transforms into Wonder Woman, and emerges to find Steve subdued and injured.

She dispatches the spies in short order, and as Steve is ambulanced away, she is approached by members of a group promoting equality for women. They seek permission to be called "The Wonder Woman Foundation" - and they request her to wear a top with a stylized double "W" instead of her eagle standard. Diana says she'll have to talk it over with her mother and departs by invisible plane to Paradise Island.

Once there, she discovers that Hippolyta has been stripped of her magic girdle and her Amazon sisters have been shackled. Hercules and Hermes are revealed to be their conquerers and they demand that Diana surrender as well. She agrees - but only if they can best her in feats of prowess.

Hermes accepts against Hercules' objection and challenges Diana to race. She wins. Hercules tries to subdue her with sheer strength. She defeats him. Upon her victories the sons of Zeus vanish, the Amazons restored. After explaining the reason for her visit, the queen advises Diana to wear the new halter for the good it will do. Wonder Woman returns to Steve's side in the hospital - only to learn that he is dying.


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