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Cyborgirl WWv2 184
Real name LeTonya Charles
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #179 (May 2002)
Created by Phil Jimenez
Affiliations Villainy Inc.
Secret Society of Super Villains
Abilities Super strength, technologically advanced body which creates sensors and weapons

Cyborgirl is a supervillain and a member of Villainy Inc. and has battled Wonder Woman on several occasions. She is the niece of the scientist who helped repair Cyborg.


LeTonya Charles destroyed her body with the drug known as "Tar", but her aunt Sarah Charles saved her niece from death with powerful cybernetic implants, which maintains the cybernetic components of the super-hero Cyborg. However, instead of using her new gained abilities for good, she has decided to serve her own selfish desires and has become a villain, coming into conflict with Wonder Woman. These implants replaced much of LeTonya's humanity with hardware, which could be the reason why LeTonya has yet to use her new lease on life for anything other than personal gain. At some point, LeTonya was drafted by Queen Clea to become a member of the newly reformed Villainy Inc. as Cyborgirl. The team attempted to overthrow Skartaris, however they were ultimately defeated by Wonder Woman. Cyborgirl was seen as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains. Later, in DC Special: Cyborg #6, it shows Cyborgirl, as member of The Cyborg Revenge Squad.

Powers and Abilities

Due to her implants she received from her aunt, Cyborgirl has the same powers as Cyborg. Most of her body has been replaced with advanced prosthetics that grant superhuman strength and numerous other functions, such as sensors and weapons.

In other media

  • Although actually not featured in Justice League or Justice League Unlimited, Cyborgirl made a cameo appearance on an early promo.