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Debut Arak, Son of Thunder #10
(June 1982)
Created by Roy Thomas, Ernie Colon
Affiliations Gods of Olympus
Abilities teacher


Chiron is the son of Cronus, one of the Titans, and Philyra, a minor ocean-goddess.

Chiron was born as a centaur, possibly because Cronus had taken the form of a horse to seduce Philyra, the daughter of Oceanus, another Titan. Raised by the Titaness, Rhea, Chiron became the teacher and mentor of many of the younger gods of Olympus after Cronus was ousted from Olympus from Zeus. He also trained and educated several mortal heroes such as Jason, Asclepius, Actaeon ond Peleus. Chiron also showed Peleus how to woo the goddess Thetis as a bride and raised their son, Achilles, to be the greatest of all mortal heroes. While Chiron was introducing Hercules to young Achilles, he scratched himself with one of the arrows which Hercules had dipped into the blood of the Hydra while analyzing it. The wound became so great that the Titan Prometheus had to cure him. The constellation Sagittarius was immortalized in his honor.

Over his millennia of existence, Chiron tutored several great heroes. In the 6th Century BC, Aristeas, the raven of Dream, convinced him to teach the scholar, Solon. Solen later became chief magistrate of Athens and a patron of democracy. In the 8th Century AD, Chiron met Arak Red-Hand, a Native American brace raised by the Vikings. He was again wounded by an arrow fired by a soldier from Bryzantium, and was seemingly last seen crossing the Styx for the underworld, but apparently returned to life afterward.

In modern years, Chiron turned up at the other-dimensional Inn at the World's End. He encountered the being Petrefax afterward. Chiron has served as an advisor to Wonder Woman at her Wonderdome.

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